Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Movin' to the Country...

I’m back!  And wow have things changed since we last talked!  As in, have-to-change-my-description-of-myself-on-the-side changes.  I no longer live in Fishers.  I no longer stay at home with my youngest.  I no longer volunteer at the church.  I no longer have time to bake cakes. Oh, and we got a new dog.  Well, technically we didn't have to go anywhere to get him; he arrived in my upstairs bathroom along with his 7 siblings one fabulous morning in December.  Very soon after that, his mother arrived in the vet’s office and left very, very cranky with us.  But that’s another story entirely- back to my changing life! 

My husband has talked about opening his own law firm for years.  He has asked for books about being a solo- practitioner for Christmas multiple years in a row- if he gives up a Christmas present for it, it’s a sure sign that he is serious.  However, it all seemed very much like a pipe dream where we were- after all, you can hardly swing a stick without hitting an attorney in Fishers.  Then one day, he gets a call from the Mayor of a small city in southern Indiana, Greensburg.  Now, it just so happens that we are from this same small town of Greensburg and the majority of our family still lives there.  Long story short, Chris was enticed to throw his name into a hat for the contract to be City Attorney and in the end, he was the one they chose to hire. 

Once we got the call that Chris had the city attorney gig, we had some quick decisions to make.  Do we stay in our house and have Chris commute the hour each way every day?  Or do we move down right now and try to get settled before school started in the fall?  We had about 2 days to figure out what we needed to do and we chose to move.  We made the decision, went on an already scheduled week-long camping trip, and then moved a week later!  

So, that’s the past several months in a nutshell.  Which means this blog will be evolving to something a little different than it has been in the past.  You will now get to hear all about my adventures of trying to live a life without wheat, dairy or eggs in a city that thinks soy is only the bean that grows in the field on the off years to replenish the soil for the corn.  It’s been interesting, but it’s been fun.  Man, it's to be home!

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