Friday, October 26, 2012

Happiness in Greensburg

When I moved back to Greensburg, one of my concerns was the fact that I would be working.  But it’s not the job that was the concern, it was the lunch hour.  When I lived in Fishers, I had a very difficult time finding food, “fast” or otherwise, for myself.  I generally relied on Qdoba naked burritos, Steak’n’Shake chili and Puccini’s GF pizza.  I know you are shocked, but none of those places exist in Greensburg!  So, I was a little concerned that I would not be able to find food to eat without having to bring my lunch every day.
However, what I have found is that although the small town atmosphere doesn’t provide a lot of naturally GF/DF/EF food choices, the small town people will bend over backwards to make sure that I can find something to eat in their establishment.  I haven’t had a single person balk at checking ingredients when I ask them to do so.  If there is a way to make a dish Val-friendly, most places will offer to do it without fuss.  And if it is somewhere that I am unable to find actual food, I get the response, “Well, um, do you want a salad?”  At least they are trying!

There are two places in particular that have really gone above and beyond to make sure that I am well fed (or not thirsty, as the case may be!)  The first one is the MDL Coffee& Tea Co. on the north side of the square.  Mr. Layne, the owner, has been kind enough to carry soy milk so that I can have a latte- a REAL latte! - whenever I am inclined to do so.  Honestly, I feel bad because I don’t know if anyone else partakes of the soy and I don’t drink enough of it to warrant an entire container of milk.  But he has been exceedingly gracious about it and we have agreed that it is a good thing that soy milk has such a long shelf life!

The second place that has really come to my rescue is Mayasari Grill.  Mayasari Grill is an Indonesian restaurant owned and operated by my new friend Maya and her family.  Maya and her daughters have taken customer service to a whole new level.  When I explained my allergies to them the first time, I got a momentary blank look (the moment of “Oh my goodness, what the heck are we going to feed this girl!?!”) and then they set to work.  By the end of my first visit there, Maya had given me a full 3 course meal- complete with soup, a delicious entrée and a dessert that she whipped up out of thin air.   I left fully stuffed and feeling a little better about my food prospects in Decatur County!

Team Stephen Legal and the Ever-Amazing Maya!
(Yes, there is a tiara on my head.  You will just have to guess why!)

But Maya didn’t stop there.  She has very authentic restaurant and gets several ingredients from Indonesia.  Because she was unsure of the ingredients in some of the items she imports, she actually sent them up to Purdue to be tested.  So, you can be sure when you go to Mayasari’s that the soya (how she pronounces it!) sauce or anything made with it is gluten free- certified by Purdue University! 

A To-Go order of the best Indonesian Fried Rice ever!

So, if you ever come to Greensburg, visit Maya at Mayasari’s and tell her that I sent you!  Make sure that she knows your allergies and you will be treated well.  If she doesn’t have anything for you on the menu, you can be sure that she will figure something out- and you will EAT!  And if you aren’t sure about Indonesian food, check out her hamburger or the BLT on homemade bread.  Then, head around the corner to MDL for some coffee- an actual latte or cappuccino made just for you.  You won’t be disappointed by either place.  And chances are I’ll see you there!  

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