Thursday, February 28, 2013

Squirrel Food

This may be my last blog ever.  I may never get to blog again; my time on this earth may be up.  I may not make it through the next 24 hours because I am getting ready to tell the whole blogosphere that my Dad and MOM turn 60 this year!  I’m not so worried about Dad- he’s a guy.   However, Mother might be a different story.  So if I disappear, check with her first! 

Truthfully, I’m not that worried- I did already post this picture for the entire Facebook world to see. 
They look great, don’t they?  Mom and Dad have always lived by the mantra that they “don’t want to grow up, because grown-ups don’t have any fun!”  That thought, along with 6 ½ grandkids, has done wonders for them.  It was because of this “I refuse to grow up” mentality that led Fireman Sam and his Mrs. to come up with the great idea of taking them to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate the milestone.  We went this past weekend and had an absolute blast!  If you have never been, the main attraction is an indoor waterpark, but the decorations around the hotel are animatronics- woodland creatures that are lifelike and amazing. 

Part of our celebration this weekend included a pizza party with the cake shown in the picture above.  Things like pizza parties are hard for someone with the allergies that I have, but you have to figure out a way around it because, face it, when you have kids, pizza parties are inevitable.  I have recently discovered a company that has been an absolute lifesaver for times like these.  GoPicnic is a meal in a box, and they are pretty tasty!  
They have several different varieties, including some that are gluten free and even vegan (which work well for the dairy and egg-challenged, like me!)  My favorite and one that I had this weekend is the sunbutter and crackers meal.  I think that if I hadn’t been competing with pizza, I might have had a battle to keep my cookie and the fruit snacks from my nieces and nephews.  And I felt right at home in between the animatronic woodland creatures, eating my “Mountain Mambo Seed and Fruit Trail Mix”.  It was just perfect for a “squirrel” like me- as my dad would say!

I have found the GoPicnic varieties all over the place- Walgreens, Target, Meijer and even one gas station!  I think they would be great for traveling with kids, those with or without allergies.  There are several that are out of bounds for me (like salami and cheese, or tuna salad), but look really good.  Check them out!

Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad!  Fireman Sam, the Ranger and I love you very much.  We are all incredibly blessed to have such terrific role models as you and I think we have all decided to follow your mantra- after all, if you don’t grow up, then there is no possible way that we can, right?  So, we’ll race you back to Great Wolf Lodge!  I’ll bring the “squirrel” food!  

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  1. Where is the Great Wolf Lodge that you went to? Sounds like an awesome time!